Public Insurance Adjuster Cartoons

The following cartoon is about a policyholder who had sustained damage to her roof after a major storm. The insured immediately filed a claim with her insurance company and the insurance carrier sent out an adjuster to inspect the damage to the roof.

The adjuster did a brief inspection and agreed that approximately 15 to 20 shingles had been blown off of the roof and that the roof was not in good enough condition to repair. The adjuster then denied the roof claim due to an exclusion for "rot and deterioration" even though the shingles were blown off of the roof by the storm and the roof did not leak prior to the storm. In addition, the insured's insurance agent had kept accepting premiums for the insurance and never told her that they felt that her roof was too old to insure.

If you have had something like this happen to you then you may need the services of a licensed Public Insurance Adjuster. Call us today for a free evaluation of your roof damage claim!

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